Moonbeam Butterfly Aqua and Purple Wrap Dress


A beautiful wrap dress which is perfect for any occasion and designed to suit everyone.

Our lovely butterfly pattern was inspired by the Psyche Butterfly, which was in turn named after the myth of Psyche and Cupid - a tale of love triumphing over adversity.

The exquisite aqua and purple shades create a delicate flattering fabric.

A real show-stopper.  From the moment you first try it on, the passepartout wrap dress will become your favourite dress, like the shift dress, this cut is on the bias so that it floats, flatters and shimmies as you walk.

 The wrap style is generously cut so you will never find that you are revealing more than intended.  The neckline is designed to suit everyone and the wrap belt is long enough to wind around your waist twice, either tying at the front, side or back.  The sleeves are gently flared just below the elbow.